The Power of The Groover Method
What you say in, 5.04 Get Grooving, sums up my practice session. I'll keep applying The Groover Method to every inch of the trail. There's more capabilities waiting for me! I plan to make the ride I did today, my Standard Sunday Groover Training Ride for at least the next 6 weeks. Big progress today! 6 more easy Sunday sessions like that per week, as one of my usual 5 rides per week and I'll be a new Groover improved rider! Thanks for the program Chris!
Greg Treloar, Brisbane
 I must say by following The Groover Method I have added 4.8kph to my average speed, going from 14kph last racing season to 18.8kph for my first race this season, feeling so much more relaxed on the bike and just totally cruising through the trails where before I seem to be fighting a never ending battle.
Andy Ware, Yamba
Since learning the Groover Method I have noticed big improvements in my riding ability. I feel like I am now riding with Flow and with a lot more Control than I had before. That has been the biggest thing for me - learning to ride in Control and the Dynamic Positioning on the bike. I wanted to learn how to ride safer and doing this course has definitely helped me achieve that. It`s been great fun learning from Chris and I highly recommend learning the Groover Method. It will change your riding for the better!!!
Bryan Sinclair, Brisbane
I just wanted to say how very excited I am about this, I'm a rower turned Mountain biker. At yesterday's race I put into place a few things from your videos and it made a massive difference. Not only did I pull away from my usual rivals but I did it without expending too much energy.
Bobbie Pappin
With the 'Judge Quickly Dismiss Often' method today together with the dynamic positioning technique (I) Successfully negotiated 4 features which have been causing difficulties. I came home feeling most satisfied and am looking forward to more improvement. Thank you.
Greg S
Thanks Chris for getting this program out just when I needed it. Oh yeah my Fuel said to say hi to your Remedy's. 
James S
First race yesterday after a few years break & my first race (33K) using the Groover Method . Without a doubt, incorporating all the elements of the Groover method meant I was far more in control overall..and the times I would forget the method and the change in riding (ie loss of being in control) was obvious. It just dawned on me that it was one of the only races that I didn't mess up on or fall either!
Robert Trench, South Africa
Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks and showing us newbies how it's done, Chris! I can't wait to look back on this point in my cycling a few years from now, and see how much more The Groover Method boosted my confidence come race day, changed the way i approach trail systems, and taught me how to glide through the previously difficult/and also the currently challenging sections like a knife through butter.
Alex Ledger, Iowa
I am enjoying my bike so much more since I have been following your tips... it was a very easy decision to make to enrol in your courses. 
Peter J, Brisbane
Thanks Chris, I rode Blue Tier etc today, an epic MTB day in Derby, Tas. Excluding my mechanical issue, I had an absolute ball. (Take the time & effort to visit here, you'll be blown away!) Your method has really allowed me to refine my riding. I'm looking up & ahead for exit points so much better now, much less skidding to tighten corners, much more control, flow and joy! The simplicity of the Groover Method is its genius...
Matt Carmichael, Melbourne
OMG just got back from my ride and checked Strava. I decided to tackle a trail that I knocked off 30secs last time. I purposely rode slow and concentrated on how I was riding and riding in a controlled manner. Just knocked off another 28secs on Ground Zero, a grade 4 downhill trail. Can't believe it !
Janet Stark, NZ
The Groover Method taught me how to think in control, taking my speed and skill to a whole different level. It enables me to relax and enjoy even the most technical sections of trails…even 4 hours into a race. The Groover Method just totally changed everything about mountain biking for me.
Michael 'Turbo' England,  2015 & 2017 Australian Elite Representative at the XCM World Champs
Hi Chris, Just watched the first part and it's terrific! Can't wait to keep watching. Thanks. 
Rob Hughes, Sunshine Coast

 Chris, The second part is even better 🙂
Rob Hughes, Sunshine Coast
I got into the local racing scene and had a massive reality check. Despite pushing as hard as I could I would finish well down the back of the field… The Groover Method has me now competing at the front of the field… it showed me that a Method makes the most dramatic improvement in your riding. Fitness is one thing, but an actual Method that puts you in control of your skills and every decision and action is something that you get massive benefits from all the time!
Damon Jones, Gladstone
My skill set has grown over the years from getting out on the trails, although I have always struggled to find extra speed through corners and over rougher terrain. With the Groover Method I now have a lot more confidence in myself and the ability of the bike. I have learnt how to tackle corners in a far smoother way, now able to put power down on the exit of the corner, whilst still being in total control of the bike.
James Andrew, Sydney