MTB Skills Coaching
In MTBtips private coaching sessions, Groover Method Creator Chris Carter teaches you the revolutionary Groover Method for mountain biking. A uniquely simple, yet highly powerful set of Core Rules that teach you how to adapt in control to every change in the trail.

Imagine blasting along the trails and KNOWING exactly what to think and how to move, so you ride everything in front of you with REAL confidence and skill. (No guessing or hoping!)

It's a whole new level of mountain biking fun and ability.

If you're NEW to mountain biking, the Groover Method will help you SIDE-STEP so many of the common pit-falls every mountain biker experiences. You’ll develop a solid foundation of skill, confidence, and understanding that will help you enjoy fun and safe mountain biking much sooner.
Chris Carter - Master Groover Method Coach
MTBA Accredited Mountain Bike Coach - MTBA NCAS L1
If you're ALREADY a trail veteran or race weapon, the Groover Method is going to be your Supercharger.

Together we'll kick out what's holding you back and quietly sabotaging your true potential. We'll re-wire all your thoughts and actions and elevate your skill and technique at EVERY level - greater confidence, speed, control, safety, traction and efficiency.
So, what are you waiting for?  Call Chris for a chat now.
  •  One-on-One, Pairs and Group Skills Coaching
  •  Skills Clinics at 6 SEQ Locations, 7 Days
  •  Interstate and International Clinics on request
Real Lasting Results
Thanks Chris, I rode Blue Tier etc today, an epic MTB day in Derby, Tas. Excluding my mechanical issue, I had an absolute ball. (Take the time & effort to visit here, you'll be blown away!) Your method has really allowed me to refine my riding. I'm looking up & ahead for exit points so much better now, much less skidding to tighten corners, much more control, flow and joy! The simplicity of the Groover Method is its genius...
Matt Carmichael, Melbourne
Hey dude. I thought would touch base before race day and thank you personally for the work we've done together. If you hadn't taken me under your wing 3 yrs ago I never would've had these opportunities I'm experiencing today. I'm truely thankful 🤗🙏😊
Michael 'Turbo' England, 2015 & 2017 Australian Elite Representative at the XCM World Champs
Best decision I ever made to do a one on one lesson, watching and practicing from the website was great and helped me out but having someone help me put it into practice made all the difference, for the first time ever I actually began to feel smooth flow and it is such a cool experience I will be practicing 24/7 until that smooth flow becomes natural.  

Not everyone has the skill to impart their knowledge, Chris not only seemed to read my mind at times he broke every step down into manageable chunks and built my confidence up one step at a time.   Again many thanks for accommodating me, I will be back.
Bobbie P
 Really enjoyed the lesson with Chris. Learnt a lot of finer points of the groover method. Jo gained a lot of confidence too. Can thoroughly recommend lessons if you get the chance.
Brad Clare
Thank you so much for your time, patience and coaching both Tony and I. I was able to go over all logs on the last trail and definitely had air, rode so much more smoothly and Tony wasn't reeling the bar and didn't crash 👍👍👍. Have a great weekend and thank you again.
Lisa (and Tony) McKeown, Brisbane
I am enjoying my bike so much more since I have been following your tips... it was a very easy decision to make to enrol in your courses. 
Peter J, Brisbane
I got into the local racing scene and had a massive reality check. Despite pushing as hard as I could I would finish well down the back of the field… The Groover Method has me now competing at the front of the field… it showed me that a Method makes the most dramatic improvement in your riding. Fitness is one thing, but an actual Method that puts you in control of your skills and every decision and action is something that you get massive benefits from all the time!
Damon Jones, Gladstone
My skill set has grown over the years from getting out on the trails, although I have always struggled to find extra speed through corners and over rougher terrain. With the Groover Method I now have a lot more confidence in myself and the ability of the bike. I have learnt how to tackle corners in a far smoother way, now able to put power down on the exit of the corner, whilst still being in total control of the bike.
James Andrew, Sydney